ALKOWN Dome-7 remains popular with customers of all kinds due to its extreme versatility and portability, without compromising on comfort or image quality.

This dome uses positive air pressure and is inflated by turning on a simple carpet fan. The dome’s door acts as an airlock, keeping the dome fully inflated even as visitors enter and exit at their leisure. The positive-pressure dome provides a constant supply of fresh air, keeping audiences cool and comfortable while they are inside the dome. Once inside the dome, the audiences first see unique flocked grey interior walls. When the projection system is turned on, those inflatable walls do double duty by acting as a superior projection surface for movies and star fields. The surface displays images impeccably, for a sharp, detailed visual.

ALKOWN Dome-7 has input air vents in the door and along the wall to increase the flow of fresh air. It also has front air vents that let air out of the dome to prevent the dome from becoming over-inflated and lifting off the floor. The door has been heightened to create a 6-foot interior clearance so most people can enter and exit without having to duck down.

ALKOWN Dome-7 is available with an exterior color of black, and in sizes ranging from 3 to 9 meters in diameter.

ALKOWN Dome-7's versatility and portability makes it even more attractive to customers of all kinds.

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