ALKOWN Dome-7 Care

Domes are very durable and most are still in good condition after 5 years of operation or longer. Institutions using a dome for many years will make small repairs during a down time. Small holes can be patched with tiny circles of the extra cloth provided and fabric glue. Tears can be repaired by sewing and then covering the sewn fabric with a patch of dome cloth and fabric glue. Dome interior and exterior stains can be washed with a mild fabric detergent and allowed to dry. Never fold up a dome wet. Most dome tears come from students pulling on the door as they enter or exit too quickly. Care in managing students entering and exiting the dome can prevent most damage to the dome.

Because of sudden rain and wind, domes are not guaranteed when used outside. However, with proper weighting, ALKOWN Dome-7 have worked successfully outside, especially under a carport or awning. ALKOWN Dome-7 provides an over tent that is inflated separately and will protect the dome from sunlight and from light rain.

If a dome gets wet, it must be inflated and allowed to dry. Like any cloth, it can mildew when stored wet. Water can also loosen the glue holding the cloth strips over the dome seams.

Never inflate a dome close to an overhead light. Although the dome does not burn, the light will singe the dome and discolor the inside. A patch of the cloth can cover the outside singe. Although done at your own risk, some dome users with singed interiors have identified a spray paint that will return the singed area to its original color. This paint will probably have to be reapplied periodically, but it does work in returning the uniform color to the interior of the dome. The color of grey must be matched exactly.

It is important to note that our cloth based ALKOWN Dome-7 is not designed for outdoor use. We do not warranty domes that show damage from outdoor use. Many of our customers use their domes outdoors, but do so at their own risk. We cannot warranty any damage due to extreme heat, cold, wind or rain. Direct sun can cause a black dome to heat to over 40 degrees Celsius and damaging the glue that covers the dome seems. If a Dome is frozen or stored outdoors in below freezing conditions, it is possible that the flocked surface will delaminate. We do not warranty this situation and domes must be stored and used at above freezing temperatures.

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